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Who we are


SEEMA was founded in 2002 and registered as a non-profit organization in 2007, located on the India-Nepal border SEEMA is working to equip women with economic empowerment. SEEMA stands for Social Endeavor to elevate Mahila awareness.  The women are ones who have escaped oppression, whether through abusive husbands, poverty, or other unfortunate situations. SEEMA provides these women who have little hope or confidence with the training and skills necessary to earn a respectable living. Read more about our Story HERE

Our Product


Made from 100 % organic cotton threads every product is personally handmade by one of our woman artisans. When you buy a SEEMA product, it won’t just carry your personal items but you will also carry the talent, time and heart of the woman who made it.




The plight of women on the India-Nepal border has been more apparent, everyday women are forced into slavery or abused by their husbands and many times left alone to raise their kids on their own. SEEMA was founded to provide opportunities to these women who would have otherwise been in forced labor or living on the streets. Our goal is to empower these women by providing economic, psychological and spiritual stability for women in this part of the world.


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